Feeding your baby solids on the go

Before you know it, your little one will enter the world of eating solid foods.

Around the age of six months, your baby will start needing more nutrition than they’re able to get from breastmilk or formula alone.

Beginning solids is a huge milestone! It’s an exciting and very often messy process as your baby learns the skill of eating food.

If you’re anything like most new parents, feeding your baby on the go can be a little nerve-wracking. Whether you’re visiting Grandma, heading to playgroup or taking a road trip, it can be daunting thinking about everything you need to make feeding solids as easy as possible.

Depending on where and how long you’ll be out for, you may need to add most of the following to your already full nappy bag:

  • Bib with scoop: these are usually plastic or silicone and can be wiped clean or hand washed at home.
  • Portable placemat: these go on tables or highchairs at restaurants to provide a surface you can trust is clean. 
  • Clip on/self inflating booster: these are helpful when you’re out and there’s no highchair available.
  • Multiple utensils: there’s virtually a feeding spoon for every age and type of food on the market so plenty to choose from!
  • Storage containers: fill these with pre-prepared food appropriate for your child’s age, such as purees, rusks, fruit slices, crackers, yoghurt, cheese etc. 
  • Floor mat: usually plastic or plastic backed fabric, this protects any flooring that could be damaged by food and makes cleaning up quicker.
  • Insulated food bag: keeps drinks and perishable foods fresh until you need them.
  • Convenience foods: in case you’re caught short when out and about or baby is having a growth spurt and needs something extra. Pre-packaged baby and toddler food come in jars and pouches, both ready to heat and chilled.
  • Baby wipes: not just useful for nappy changes, wipes are essential for cleaning up messy faces, sticky fingers, food spills on clothes, splashes on grandma’s table...any cleaning necessary.

Or …

Grab yourself a Subo food bottle

You can take a minimalist approach to feeding your baby solids on the go, with a Subo food bottle. Save time, money, hassle and space.

Cold or chilled foods can be preloaded into the bottle and stay in the fridge before being placed in an insulated bag that you can load in your pram or nappy bag until needed.

Bulk buy foods like large yoghurt tubs or bulk prepare purees to go in your freezer. This dramatically reduces your grocery bill (all those food pouches add up).

At the same time, you’re cutting back on the amount of single use plastic going into landfill because those organic food pouches are made from plastic that’s not recyclable.

Best of all, your baby can feed themselves while out and about, conveniently and mess free! You don’t need to worry about Grandma’s carpet getting pumpkin puree on it, or having to use an entire packet of wipes to clean your baby’s face, pram or car seat after a meal on the go.

Feeding your baby solids doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to staying home because you want to feed them your own homemade food and don’t have all the ‘essentials’ to get out and about, let alone the room to carry it all.

Subo takes the hassle out of feeding on the go. See our fun colour range - there is bound to be one to suit your little one.

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