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We hold safety in the highest regard when designing and manufacturing our products. The materials used to manufacture the Subo food bottle are PP, HDPE, TPE and silicone; all are BPA and Phthalate free.

The Subo food bottles hold 210mls. However, we will shortly be launching two new sizes – 300ml and 500ml bottles.

Subo food bottles come in Musk, Duck Egg Blue, Pink, Blue, Mint, Oatmeal and Lavender.

Yes the 12mm spout comes as standard with your Subo food bottle. You can also purchase a 5mm straw spout that can be interchanged in your Subo food bottle. We recommend the straw spout for children under 2 years of age

The two spout sizes to allow for different thicknesses (viscosity) of food to be consumed. The larger spout (12mm) allows for thicker food types like cereals and spaghetti to be eaten. The smaller straw spout is for more liquid food types like smoothies. However, please remember that the Subo food bottle is for food and not for drinks such as water, milk or juice.

Children under 2 years of age should use the 5mm straw spout. We do not recommend children under 2 years of age use the 12mm spout.

The 5mm straw spout however, is also ideal for older children and adults who would like to consume more liquid meals such as smoothies.

Currently the Subo food bottle only comes in the 210ml size. However, our 300ml and 500ml bottles are coming soon.

How to use your Subo

Yes, please download our Subo care instructions here.

Subo is not designed for liquid drinks, it is best used for pureed or mashed, viscous foods. Some examples of foods that can be used in the Subo food bottle are: yogurts, smoothies, pureed fruits and vegetables, soft breakfast cereals soaked in milk etc.

Yes. You can push the platform up the tube to the desired volume then fill.

The Subo food bottle has volume markers in both millilitres and fluid ounces and on both sides of the bottle, located beside the windows. You may notice that one side is upside down. The Subo base and collar can be assembled on either side of the tube, making it multi-directional. The markers with the TOP nearest the spout are the ones you should be using. The top of the platform will line up with the markers indicating the amount of food remaining in the bottle.

No, we suggest that you do not freeze the Subo food bottle. The Food Pod is one of our exciting upcoming products, which will allow you to freeze portions perfectly fitted to your Subo food bottle. See our recipes page for more ideas on what food you can load into the Subo food bottle.

Yes. Frozen food can be loaded into the Subo food bottle to defrost and consume later.

When food has had contact with saliva it cannot be then stored for re-use.

Please follow your normal food safety guidelines for how long you can store food.

We recommend demonstrating to your child how to suck through the spout. It is a good idea not to tip the bottle upside down, or squeeze the bottle as neither approach will work. Younger children can take some time to learn the correct technique, especially when moving from a teat bottle.

We do not recommend you add boiling water to your Subo food bottle. If the food you are consuming requires boiling water, please prepare your food in an appropriate container before loading into the Subo food bottle.

When you take apart your Subo food bottle, you should have 7 separate parts. Put them in warm soapy water and wash with a cloth or bottle brush or place in the top rack of your dishwasher. Please dry each component thoroughly after washing.

Yes. Subo should be dismantled into 7 separate parts for cleaning. We recommend either hand washing in warm soapy water or placing your Subo in the TOP RACK only of your dishwasher. Please ensure all parts are completely dry prior to re-assembling and storage.

Before each use, inspect all parts. Replace parts at first sign of damage or weakness. Make sure all parts are secure and in place before feeding. Do not store near a source of heat or in direct sunlight as this may damage the product. Do not microwave or freeze this product.

We recommend that you do not use the Subo food bottle in the microwave as it is difficult to test the food temperature inside the bottle. Instead, we suggest that you always check food is heated to the desired safe temperature before loading into the bottle.

Yes. Once the food is heated to the desired safe temperature it can be loaded into the Subo food bottle. Please ensure you always check the food temperature is suitable prior to giving it to your child.

Just push the silicone spout through the hole in the collar and it will come out.

No. The fin is overmolded to the platform. There is no need to take it apart.

Returns, parts and damages

Please take extra care with the platform as if this is damaged or bent out of shape it will hinder performance. You can purchase replacement parts through our online shop as required.

Please ensure that the valve located in the base of the bottle is not sealed shut. At the top of the dome-shape valve, there is a 12mm slit that can sometimes stick together after washing. Gently squeeze the dome and the slit should pop apart. In order for the platform to move freely up the tube it requires air-flow through the base and up through the tube. Please also check that the inlet hole in the base is not obstructed (i.e. name stickers)

Yes. You can purchase extra lids from our online shop. All lids are clear in colour.

Yes. You can purchase extra spouts in either the 12mm size, or the 5mm straw spout size, from our online shop. All spouts come in a clear colour.

Yes. You can purchase replacement platforms, lids, valves and spouts as required from our online shop.


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