Dos & don'ts of baby shower gifts

Did you just read the headline and think ‘Huh? How can you go wrong with baby shower gifts?’

The answer is - very wrong. Many of us get a tiny bit overexcited when we’re shopping for a baby shower.

Because newborns smell good, are so adorable, their clothes so tiny, and did we mention they smell SO good!

There are some hard and fast rules everyone should stick to when choosing a gift for a baby shower. The mama-to-be will thank you for it!

#1: Do group gifts
Instead of individual gifts, why not come together with friends and buy a big ticket item like a pram or car seat? Group gifts have become more popular over the years, especially as the prices of baby items increase and parents-to-be find it hard to stretch the budget.

If you’re not 100% sure what she’d like, gift the mama-to-be with a voucher from a local or online baby store and let her choose.

#2: Don’t deviate from the gift registry
If there's a gift registry for the baby shower, don't ignore it and go with your own idea. Because in our experience, mamas-to-be invest a lot of time into choosing the pram, car seat, cot or baby carrier they want.

If you REALLY want to get her something else, make sure you choose something from her gift registry and then add the extra gift.

#3: Do give gift cards or vouchers
Some people don’t like gift cards or vouchers because they’re not ‘personal’. But we’re here to tell you, a gift voucher is an excellent idea for your mama-to-be. She can choose what she wants, whether it’s for herself or bub.

Practical, frivolous, luxurious or plain desperation - you can cover all eventualities for your mama-to-be with a gift card for food deliveries, nappy service, a postnatal doula or a relaxing massage.

#4: Don’t upsize
It might seem like a really great idea but clothes for a 12+ month old aren’t very practical. For one thing, who can predict size and season will match up by the time the baby is 12 or 18 months old. And for another, they have to be packed away for a while and are likely to be forgotten - not to be seen until it's too late to be worn.

If you really want to give clothes for the future, 3-6 months is a good bet. And try to suss out what mama-to-be needs, as she'll likely have certain items already.

And do stick to practical things. Babies look super cute in tiny tuxedos or frilly tutus but...they're not easy things to get on and off squirmy newborns, especially when dealing with pooplosions.

#5: Do get personal
Not everyone thinks about giving traditional keepsake gifts these days. We tend to think of them as never used trinkets hidden in cupboards.

But these days personal baby shower gifts can be more than a handmade quilt or named cutlery. You might like to choose a keepsake box, a voucher for newborn baby photos, or a tiny footprints/handprint kit.

Always find out if your choice is an appropriate one, as you don't want a colour or decor clash! If in doubt, err on the side of caution and let the mama-to-be choose.

#6: Don’t give stuffed animals
Please, no matter how cute and fluffy and sweet that little stuffed bear is, don’t do it. Babies don’t need stuffed animals; they can’t play with them until they’re much older and even then, one or two will suffice.

Any seasoned parent knows stuffed toys somehow multiply under the cover of darkness and you end up crowded out of your house by hundreds of stuffed teddies, dinosaurs and kitties. Do the mama-to-be a favour and step away from the stuffed toys.

#7: Do include the receipt
Ok, we know you spent hours and hours choosing THE perfect gift. But what happens if your choice isn't as prefect as you thought? You don’t want to hold the mama-to-be hostage with something she can’t use or doesn’t want. This is where a return receipt comes in handy so your gift can be returned or exchanged.

And don’t feel bad about it if the mama-to-be does use the return receipt and get something she really wanted or needed. The fact you made it possible for her to do so will be greatly appreciated.

#8: Don’t avoid practical gifts
A gift doesn’t have to be something that looks pretty but has no real use. And it can also be something the mama-to-be is going to find really useful in the future. Babies grow like weeds and before you know it, you’ll be called on to celebrate their first milestones like crawling, first solids and walking.

Giving a gift that considers those times ahead can be really useful, like bibs or better yet, Subo the food bottle. The mama-to-be will thank you later when bub hits this crazy, messy and hectic stage of life.

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