Subo on Shark Tank

An incredible food bottle design that allows everyone from babies to the elderly to eat pureed vegetables, smoothies and even Weetabix without making a mess has wowed the judges on Shark Tank.

Glen and Julie-Ann Mayer, founders of Subo Products appeared on SharkTank Australia in June 2018 and all of the "Sharks" absolutely loved the design. Steve Baxter was jumping out of his seat to do a deal.

“What do I need to do to get you? I’m in.” he said.

“I’m on your journey. I’ve got a pair of 13-month-olds, this to me is a godsend. I think this is just amazing, it’s so well built, so let’s just talk about the future. You name your price. I’m with you." Steve gushed.

Watch the full episode.

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