Subo Products is a family company founded in 2012. Proudly based in Melbourne Australia, we are dedicated to producing high quality, functional products for parents looking for innovative ways to make feeding time that little bit easier. Our product ideas come to us through our own parenting experience and are born from necessity. Safety is of our highest concern. After all, our products were made for our own precious children to use.



Subo The Food Bottle is the brainchild of Aussie parents, Glen and Julie-Anne. Like most parents who lead busy lives, they sought after innovative products to assist in balancing time with their baby and toddler. Looking for a better way to feed their children homemade nutritious foods while on the go, they were unable to find a suitable product that didn’t create a wasteful mess.


The idea for a “non-squeezable” food bottle was born. If their children couldn’t squeeze it there would be less chance for mess.


Subo The Food Bottle is 100% Australian owned and proudly manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. We have secured a license from the Australian Made Campaign to use the iconic Australian Made Logo. Manufacturing in Australia means we can ensure our customers get products of the highest quality, using the best and safest materials.


Pronounced [sü-bō] or [sue-bow]

Glen’s heritage is Canadian/Filipino. One of his fondest and earliest memories of childhood is of his mum feeding him and saying the word subo over and over again. Subo is a Tagalog (Filipino) word meaning mouthful, and subo-an means to feed. Our hope is that Subo creates fond memories for you and your family, one mess free mouthful at a time!