***As seen Shark Tank Australia***

Subo - The Food Bottle is the hit product every mum in Australia is talking about!

As seen on shark tank

Save yourself time and money. Ditch the food pouch! Children can now feed themselves independently..without a mess!

No More Squeezy Mess


Penelope Pink, is sure to be a favourite with the girls (and boys)! With a sweet pink centre and cheeky teal highlights, look out for this fun loving tummy filler.


Customer Reviews

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Love it for our tubie!

Our daughter is tube fed and has Cerebral palsy. It is so easy for her to suck on while she is learn ikng to eat an d age appropriate at school.


Good product

Lifesaver for a fussy baby

My baby is always on the go which made it tricky to get enough nutritious food into him throughout the day. I had seen the subo cup on shark tank while pregnant and remembered it was supposed to be great for toddlers. After looking at the reviews online I purchased one and since it arrived we haven't looked back. My LO in now 1 and has been successfully using the cup for the past 3 months. I have a little less mum guilt now knowing that at least once a day I can get all his greens and fruit into him and he absolutely loves it. It has been great to send him off the day care with too or take with me when we are heading out to know I have something healthy packed in our bag as we always seem to be on the go. Purchasing the skinnier straw was a winner for us (thanks to another review) as he does try stick his finger in the bigger straw so that would be my only suggestion if you are considering the cup for a small child.

One of my fave baby purchases

We love our subo! my little one will eat ANYTHING from it.

Makes meal times easier

I have a "busy baby" and she is always looking for new ways to do things. Using subo means we can make meal times more interesting and she gets excited to have the subo to eat from. The only downside is that I got one just before the new slimmer spout came out, so she does stick her finger into the spout and get food everywhere still, but having something different to give her at meal times when she's bored with usual eating utensils has been so good!

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