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***As seen Shark Tank Australia***

Subo - The Food Bottle is the hit product every mum in Australia is talking about!

As seen on shark tank

Save yourself time and money. Ditch the food pouch! Children can now feed themselves independently..without a mess!

No More Squeezy Mess


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

I heard about Subo through an online Facebook group and was drawn in by the idea that it is mess free. Unfortunately this is not the case. I find that the contents (whether it be smoothie, puree, mashed cereal) collects in the top of the spout and it's very easy for a toddler to then pour or flick this over themselves. I was disappointed that it didn't live up to it's claim to be mess free.

Better than imagined

I heard about Subo through word of mouth. My neighbour randomly brought up her Subo love, when another neighbour piped up “I love mine too!” A week later I heard another school mum comment on how good they are. Initially I thought it was too expensive for me to be worth trialling (what if I spend the money and it’s no good?!?!) but the high praise for the product from my friends made me give it a go.

My 5yo son was a big fan, my 8yo daughter said she was “embarrassed to take it to school because it’s for babies”.

Within minutes of actually using it though, she completely changed her mind and said she wanted to tell her friends it was better for the planet than those plastic yoghurt pouches and it was just like having a little water bottle that doesn’t spill.

So the kids were won-over, but was I?

Heck yeh I was! I’d do anything to reduce plastic consumption because there’s nowhere worse for plastic than a school lunchbox. This amazing item is SO easy to clean it’s even simpler than a reusable coffee cup. The lack of mess means my baby can use it without giving me a headache and the school lunchboxes don’t come home gross.

Massive fan.

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