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***As seen Shark Tank Australia***

Subo - The Food Bottle is the hit product every mum in Australia is talking about!

As seen on shark tank

Save yourself time and money. Ditch the food pouch! Children can now feed themselves independently..without a mess!

No More Squeezy Mess


Benji blue is a sure eye catcher. The founding son of Subo, has a cool blue centre with highlight yellow top and bottom. Benji will be there to help you keep those ever hungry tummies full.


Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Busy Mum Approved!

hesitated buying reusable pouches because of the cleaning. Love that this is easy to clean and assemble. It doesn't stop miss 16mths making a mess from sticking her finger in it but i do like that it is non squeeze bottle minimalising the mess.

Also like that it is non squeezable and spill proof.

Already Saving me Money!

I have only had my subo bottles for 2 weeks and am already noticing a difference on my grocery bill! I was buying yoghurt pouches for my 3yo and 1yo and spending a small fortune. Both boys love them and find them so easy to use! I am in love already!

Why did I, wait so long to buy them

So easy to clean!! Brought the pouches & hated cleaning them & saw one of these at playgroup & was in impressed! But still hesitated about buying, but so glad I did!

My boys love Smoothies

I have 2 boys aged 2 and 4 they loves drinking smoothies. It is so easy to make them and the Subo is a perfect size and mess free way for them to enjoy their smoothies on the run!!!

Love It!

I wasn't sure how my 9 month old would go and if she'd be able to figure out how to use the wide tube but she practically inhaled her puree from it with ease! What a time-saver! Plus bubba loves the independent eating and it keeps her entertained in the pram - thanks Subo!

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