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Let’s face it, parents today are stretched for time. You’re either rushing out the door to get to work, get the kids to school or care on time, or running from one activity to another. Add to that the pressure of making sure your children are getting enough nutrition and you’re one hot mess at the end of the day. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could actually prepare healthy food to eat on the go and not pay a fortune for not so healthy, wrapped-in-so-much-plastic food? 

You can. Subo The Food Bottle is the convenient and waste-free solution for every busy, time-poor parent out there. Not convinced? Check out these 8 Huge Benefits of Subo. 

#1: Convenience

Customer Review: “We love using our Subo food bottle for those mornings where we need to jump in the car and get to daycare. It means she can have a yoghurt for breakfast on the way and rather than spending a bomb on pouches that don’t hold very much, we can fill the Subo from a big bulk tub or pottles.”

A lot of parenting is on the go these days.Subo helps you get healthy, nutritious food into your children, without the cost and waste. 

#2: No Mess

It’s every parent’s nightmare, turn your back for a second and your child is head to toe in food!

The Subo food bottle is non-squeezable, putting food directly in your child’s mouth. Using the straw spout for younger children means they can’t get their little fingers inside and discourages them from trying when they are older and can use the larger spout. 

#3: Easy To Clean

Customer Review: “Subo is easy to fill, simple to use and I love that you can take it all apart and wash it properly. No places for nasty bacteria to hide!” 

Fact: you don’t need an engineering degree to clean Subo. It quickly comes apart and you simply wash the parts in warm soapy water. There’s nowhere for bacteria or mould to hide! 

#4: Reusable

Customer Review: “Subo is saving me money by buying in bulk and saving the environment with less plastic/packaging I'm throwing away.” 

Using Subo equals less rubbish in your bin, and less plastic going into landfill.

#5: Safety

We’re pretty across the fact we shouldn’t be using certain plastics for our little ones thanks to the nasty chemicals in them. But often convenience snacks are in single use plastic that does use those chemicals.

The material in Subo is non-toxic, so no BPA and phthalates that can lead to health concerns with long-term exposure. Subo has been lab-tested to European safety standards, so there are no choking or entrapment hazards. 

#6: Independence

Customer Review: “My little independent 9 month old won’t let us feed her - she wants to feed herself. Subo is our perfect solution!! No more meal time messy melt downs.” 

Are you even parenting a toddler if you don’t hear “I do it!” a hundred times a day? It’s cute the first few times, but wears thin when you’re in a hurry.

Subo put food straight into your child’s mouth, reducing the mess involved (bonus for parents!) and gives your child the satisfaction of feeding themselves. 

#7: Longevity 

Customer Review: “ I two Subos for my kids: one for my 3yr old and one for my nearly 10yr old ... my nearly 10yr olds friends have all asked her about them and think they are cool too.” 

Subo doesn’t stop being useful as your baby grows. Older children can use Subo and even adults can even pop their post workout shake in Subo! 

Plastic is cheap to make and doesn’t last long. Subo is made from high grade quality materials, and designed to be used over and over again. Making it the perfect option for your child to use from 6 months and beyond. 

#8: Cost

Customer Review: “I've now bought a Subo for myself too to take yoghurt and smoothies to uni, saving me money by buying in bulk and saving the environment with less plastic/packaging I'm throwing away.”

Single serve convenient foods can seem like such a great idea for busy parents but over time they really add up cost wise. Buy or make food in bulk and use Subo to save money. 

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