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3 Ways Subo Supports A Plastic Free Life

Before kids, you might have been the most organised, eco-friendly person around. You composted, recycled and avoided single use plastic like the plague.

After’s a whole different landscape. Tiny people coming into your life shifts those priorities and you’re more interested in convenience and easy - and if you can use it one-handed, even better. 

Once the initial shock and awe stage of being responsible for a vulnerable little human settles down, you might feel you can manage resuming your eco-friendly ways as a parent. 

It's baby steps to start with...first changing one habit then another. Until you’re back to Plastic Free July standards and choosing to not have single-use plastic in your life.  

This sounds great until you’re trying to leave the house at 8am with a starving baby and your fridge is the equivalent of Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. 

Parents can find plastic free living a challenge at the best of times. Especially parents who need options that are convenient and ready to go when they are. It’s easy to become overwhelmed at the thought of going plastic free when you need on the go food options. 

But you don’t have to go completely zero waste from the get go. Try looking at your convenience foods and work out which ones you can easily replace. If you find yourself stocking up on single use plastic pouches of yoghurt or fruit purees, it might be time to question how you can let them go. 

Subo is the answer. From early morning starts to playgroup meetings, Subo the food bottle is reusable, recyclable and convenient.  

The Ultimate Plastic Free Option

Subo is the ultimate plastic free choice because you can use it over and over again.  

Its simple design means easy cleaning, so you can quickly have it ready for the next time you need convenient on the go snacks for your child. 

The smaller parts can be replaced, meaning you can purchase replacement platforms, lids, valves and spouts as needed. The bottle is durable and can outlast your child’s dropping it on the floor stage! 

Parents who don’t have the time to cut, cook and puree organic fruit and vegetables often grab plastic pouches to keep for convenient on the go options. These plastic food pouches are attractive.  

After all, you only need to twist off the top, hand it your hungry baby or child and they can feed themselves while you race from school drop off to appointments. 

 But this convenience comes at a price, not just the one that hits your hip pocket. Few of these plastic pouches can be recycled so they end up being thrown in the bin and end up in landfill. It can take up to 1000 years for plastic to decompose and even then will leak pollutants into soil and water.

Subo allows you to reduce your plastic waste footprint by allowing you to buy or make food in bulk to fill the bottle when needed. 

Long-Term Plastic Free Solution

Plastic Free July is only one month. Subo makes plastic and waste free living a long-term option for your family. 

The food bottle doesn’t just have babies in mind. As your child grows, Subo shines in terms of its versatility. You can continue to provide convenient and nutritious food on the go for your child, regardless of their age. 

Using Subo means less single use plastic you’re dumping in the bin for years as your child grows. This is not only reduces your environmental impact, you are setting a great example to your children and teaching them how easy it is to reduce, recycle and reuse.  

Not only is Subo reusable, it’s completely recyclable as well. 

The materials used to make Subo the food bottle are:

  • Polypropolene (PP)
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
  • Silicone.

All these materials can be recycled appropriately, making Subo stand out in terms of reusable food container options. 

 Subo And When To Go Plastic Free

The beauty of Subo is its ease of use and convenience. Fill Subo the night before, pop in the fridge and you’re ready to grab and go. Or prepare a quick nutritious breakfast, load the food bottle and hand to your child as you leave in the morning. 

6 – 12 months

When babies begin solid foods, getting out can be a challenge. There’s a lot of mess, a fair bit of waste and plenty of inconvenience. Subo lets you load your baby’s porridge or pureed foods and feed your baby when you’re out and about without stressing about waste and mess. 

The youngest child always seems to want most of their snacks (and naps!) right when you need to pick older kids up from school or during sports activities. Subo makes it easy to get to your mother’s group or when you really need to get the shopping done.  

Food suggestions:

  • Pureed/mashed fruits, like apple, pear or even avocado.
  • Pureed/mashed vegetables, such as pea, baked sweet potato or carrots
  • Pureed/mashed beef stew or creamy chicken with small pasta or rice.

12 months – 4 years 

Toddlers who need a quick snack before a nap, preschoolers who love their yoghurt and smoothies, children at early child care, playgroup – there are endless times during your week when you wished you had an easy, convenient snack handy.

Subo gives you that ability to make sure your toddler and preschooler tummies are always full with healthy & nutritious snacks that don't cost the earth.  

Little ones can be fussy too, rejecting today what they were mad about yesterday. Fussy eating is a normal part of a child’s development but it’s an endless source of frustration for parents. Having a never fail food option on hand when you’re out can keep the hangry tantrums at bay. 

Food suggestions:

  • Yoghurt
  • Healthy smoothies, such as banana and berry or orange, mango and carrot! Boost your smoothie to superfood level by adding oats, quinoa or chia.

 4 years and upwards

There’s no limit on how old your child is to use Subo. Older kids can grab a nutritious and filling breakfast before early morning sports training. 

When you’re running late and need to get to before school care, you can pack Subo knowing your child won’t start their school day hungry.

Older children are often going straight from school to sports or other activities. How good is it to be able to pick them up and hand over a nutritious snack to keep their energy levels going. 

Food suggestions:

  • Loaded smoothies: include yoghurt, dates, berries, avocado, oats…experiment with tastes and textures to see what works
  • Yoghurt with honey, chia seeds and muesli
  • Tinned baked beans or spaghetti.

Interested in doing something great for the environment and reducing your single use plastic for Plastic Free July?

Click here to view our products and make the switch to convenient and reusable Subo.  

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